Our Wireless Headphones are compact but powerful. Many of our competitors offer large and bulky units. Our unit fits easily over the ear, and have impeccable sound quality to enhance your silent disco experience. They have a very dynamic wide range sound. Our units allow for easy removal from the ear and facilitate conversation between users easily. Lithium ion batteries power the headsets. The batteries last for 8-10 hours before needing to be recharged. The headphones are charged in (10) unit charging stations using mini USB connectors.

Our headphones and transmitters operate on 915mhz (channel A) and 917mhz (channel B). Each pair of headphones is capable of receiving 2 channels of wireless audio. The headphones allow the user to switch between Channel A and Channel B. The event producer has the capability to transmit on both channels simultaneously. This allows for a DJ battle such as Dubstep on Channel A and House on Channel B. The same signal may also be broadcast on both channels if only one DJ is performing.
The transmitters accept a stereo 1/8” line level input. Adapters can be placed in-line to allow the system
to operate via an XLR, 1/4”, or RCA connections. The transmitters have a 100yd range.

Our headphones have the potential to be branded by a sponsor. A single ear or both ears on each headset may be branded. 40 mm circular plastic stickers may be placed on the headsets featuring the event sponsor's logo.

If required by the customer we can staff the event and operate our equipment. Although we pride ourselves on the simplicity and user friendliness of our system some event producers would like to have a tech on-hand for peace of mind. Our techs offer a turnkey silent disco solution. We operate the wireless transmitters and set the input levels to perfect sound quality. We can also staff the entrance and exit of the event to make sure that every headset that gets loaned out to a fan gets returned. Should you choose to use our staff for your event you will not be liable for any lost headphones.

Typically for the music festival scenario fans walk into a fenced in area through a single entrance. They are given an headset, and told to return it upon exiting the silent disco area. They must exit through the single dedicated exit area. Once they turn in a pair of headphones to the staff at the exit they are allowed to leave the area.

For other events such as club shows the patrons give their ID to the staff at the door in exchange for their headset They are then given a wristband corresponding to their age (18-20 blue) (21+Yellow) or the color scheme of the event's choice.

Their ID is put in a rolodex in alphebetical order by last name. When they leave the event and return their headphones they are given their ID's back. This prevents loss or damage to headphones.

Our headphones may be shipped to the customer in road cases with padding. The customer can then produce and manage the event on their own. In this case the customer will be responsible for any lost or damaged headphones.

Wireless headphone technology is also perfect for live language translation for speeches and corporate events. It can also be used for outdoor cinema such as a movie in the park.