Silent Disco DJ & Event Production

The concept of a silent disco was spawned in the UK to appease the rowdy sunrise seekers after concerts that were held during the "socially accepted" times of night were over. It is essentially a transmitter hooked up to a DJ set up which transmits the music to wireless headphones without having to use live PAs or speakers. Because there is no live sound this alleviates problems after-parties might have with sound ordinances or disgruntled neighbors. This format soon migrated to the US in 2005 where it has been gaining steady popularity ever since. Fallen Tree Productions headquartered in El Paso, TX serves the United States with Silent Disco events and DJ services.

There are many thoughts as to why silent discos are so "dancy". One perspective is that once conversation is removed from a party there is nothing left to do but crush the dancefloor, or so to speak. There is also something to be said about the sound clarity created by removing chatter and allowing the attendee to enjoy the music in an intimate, direct connection to what is being played (and it's quite a sight to enter a silent room filled with unexplainable body movement). Another great benefit of the concept is that the equipment can be used as simply as plugging an iPod into the transmitter and rocking a 12th birthday party for some youngsters or can be used in intricate applications such as a 4-table vinyl set up or a full live band using purely digital instruments. If you haven't experienced a Fallen Tree Silent Production we welcome you with open arms to come go-hard for your first silent encounter.